About Us

At ALLEGIANT we with an experience of more than 25 years in textile industry are all set to create a platform for TRADING, SOURCING and MARKETING in textile fibres, yarns and fabrics. We have a highly diversified product range following international preferences. We focus our efforts on our customer’s satisfaction before, during and after completing the business cycle. So let us join hands to step forward and open new doors to partnership and success.

Our Vision

We at AlleGiant believe in Loyality with purpose, vision , mission and strategy. Lets Dream, believe and Achieve..

Towers of Strength

Competitive Sourcing

We concentrate on obtaining the competitive prices concurrently maintaining high quality standards with our well established and close supplier base . Forecasting, trend analysis, forming overall production programs, etc. also plays an important role for suitable pricing strategy.

Quality our only Motto

We follow a unique practice of constant quality check across the complete production process. Pre-shipment & Post Shipment inspections are a vital part of our Quality Assurance System that helps us to ensure quality. Quality are the wheels of our organization which can help reach our esteemed business partners.

Timely Fulfillments

We focus on fulfilment of commitments & provide timely arrangements of our customer’s delivery requirements. We understand the importance of delivering the goods as per the agreed date.

Market Updations

We keep our stay in market which helps us to apprise with fluctuations and innovations in the Textile Industry to provide you the best possible information and deals. It has been due to consistent monitoring of markets and providing valuable feedback to our customers & suppliers.

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